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Creating unique bedrooms and playrooms
for teens and tweens
Unique Teen and Tween Bedrooms and Playrooms for Guys and Gals!!!!!
Sue Ritzman has been providing fun room designs for adults, teens and pre-teens since 2001.


Tic Tac Toe

Anyone up for a game of

Tic Tac Toe?  This space

started out as a bedroom!  

Instead of moving the king

size boxspring and mattress,

we just decided to upholster

it.  Two girls and one boy

would be sharing this

playroom so we wanted to

come up with an idea that all

 age groups would enjoy!  

Custom pillows shaped like

X's and O's make this a fun

play space for all ages!

Checkerboard Room!
The big air hockey table
became the color inspiration
for our checkerboard room!  
Benches along he mirrored
wall were covered in a faux
fur checkerboard fabric
with storage space below.  
The family loved the big
papason chairs so we just
spray painted the wood and
recovered in black fabric. 
Maddy's Playroom!
Yes, this is a closet! 
 Maddy's mom came up with this
great idea to turn her closet into
a mini playroom.  This closet was
big enough to hold most of
Maddy's clothes on one side and
play clothes on the other.  We
added a cornice with Maddy's
name outlined with rhinestones
and the inside walls were painted
hot pink.  A mini chandelier was
hung to add extra bling!