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Girl Rooms
Paige's Room!
All About Tiffany
Paige was inspired to create her room using vintage posters set against a Tiffany blue background.  Our L-shape custom headboard gives Paige plenty of floor space for a Beauty Bar and custom dressing mirror.  Our exclusive black and white pillows are the perfect compliment to this stylish space.  Paige's room has been the inspiration for many "Rooms With Attitude!" clients.  Thank you Paige!
Paige's Beauty Bar
Rachel B's Room!
Bridget's Room!
Zebra Faux Fur Walls
When Bridget told me she wanted dots on her ceiling, zebra fur on her wall and bedding in hot pink, orange and light pink I thought she was crazy!  She convinced me that it would all turn out just perfect and guess what, she was right!  This room was done over nine years ago and I still have clients ask for this exact room.  You'll also notice that we used a vinyl black flooring which is just an inexpensive peel and stick from Lowe's.  It's very kid and pet friendly and so is her faux fur bedding!  Bridget came up with the  idea to create a "Beauty Bar".  With limited space, we wanted to utilize every inch so the bar was attached to the wall and only 16" deep.  Her drafting chairs were upholstered with the same faux furs.  Artwork was almost impossible to find so we created our "Girlfriend" gallery of friends and family which can be seen above her bed.
Bridget's room has also been the inspiration for many of our clients!
Avril's Room!   We love how Avril reinvented Bridget's vision!
Alex B's Room!
Shades of gray, black, and purple
At 16, Alex designed an elegant space using rich and bold fabrics.  Her idea was to combine purple, black and gray using rich fabrics for her upholstered headboard, pillows, comforter and sheers.  Her Beauty Bar mirror was inspired by the fleur de leis accents on her silver and gray diamond wall.  The edge of the Beauty Bar is trimmed with mirror mosaic tiles. 
Libby's Room!
Anything But Pink
Libby was very adamant about one thing--no pink!  Her favorite colors were orange and teal so I searched for fabrics that would reflect her cute and sporty personality!  Inspired by the geometic design on one of the fabrics, we decided to create a larger version on her focal wall.  Our L-shaped headboard makes this the perfect room for sleep or hanging out!
Elizabeth's Room!
Wild Thang!
When we started to brainstorm with Elizabeth about her room design, she asked for the color Purple and fur on her walls!  Yikes! A checkerboard wall of satin roses and purple faux fur was the answer! We didn't want to damage the walls in the process so, foamboard and painters tape to the rescue!  After upholstering the squares, I added painters tape to the wall so that the squares could be attached with foam tape right on top of the painters tape and not the wall.  I have used this trick many times so it's easy to take down when the time comes.  The peace sign is appliqued and then outlined with black Austrian crystals--beautiful!

More Girls Rooms!
Victoria's Room!
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Alice's Room!
Alice's Room!
Caroline's Room!
Caroline's Room!
Lizzy's Room!
Lizzy's Room!
Vivian's Room!
Vivian's Room!
Hallie's Room!
Hallie's Room!
Rachel's Room!
Rachel Room!