Rooms With Attitude!

Creating unique bedrooms and playrooms
for teens and tweens

Rooms With Attitude is just that!  We work with you to help you achieve the room of your dreams!  Our pillows, comforters, headboards, mirrors and beauty bars are all custom designed to fit any space and made in Dallas, TX.  Most fabrics are machine wash and line dry which are very  kid and pet friendly!

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Alexandria's Room!

Hot Pink Tiffany

This room started with a vibrant hot pink ceiling and walls.  For a little whimsy, white faux fur was added to the crown molding using painter's tape and hot glue which can be easily removed at anytime.  Adding black and white custom pillows and headboard, this room is elegant and fun for any teen or tween!


Jake's Room!


It Was All Jake's Idea
Jake spotted a piece of metal artwork and decided he wanted his room to have a design just like that.  He wanted his graphic done in red, khaki, grey and black.  With a lot of patience and painter's tape, Jake's idea came to life!  Stripes pull out of the graphic to criss-cross on the opposite side of the wall.  Perfect space for sleeping or just hangin' out with friends!